Lessons learned from an entrepreneurial powerhouse

We look to business mastermind 50 Cent for powerful lessons that you can apply to achieve the success that you dream of. Absorb each one of these lessons and carefully selected action steps to show you the way.


Only after mastering LESSONS 1 – 5 should you uncover the empowering LESSON 6.

how to hustle like 50 cent

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Action Steps

Recommended resources to send your entrepreneurial hustle into overdrive
john dumas

Lesson 1: Hustle Relentlessly

John Dumas, Entrepreneur On Fire

Entrepreneur on Fire is a phenomenal free resource with powerful daily interviews from the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. Learn how to hustle from the best with John Lee Dumas as your guide.

Entrepreneur On Fire
eric ries

Lesson 2: Listen to the Market

Eric Ries, The Lean Startup

The Lean Startup Method is the fast-track you need to avoid playing in the sandpit for too long.  Pro tip: Hunt down the "Lean Starter Pack" loaded with free trials for powerful tools such as Kissmetrics & Moz that you can use to stay lean and start hustling without a dime.

the lean startup
james schramko

Lesson 3: Build Your Empire

James Schramko, Own The Racecourse

It’s insane that marketing freak and internet legend, James Schramko is giving this entire course for free on how to build your list & traffic. In it James teaches you how to own the platform that you build your online business on, putting you in control. Gangsta-move as you build your empire.

Own The Racecourse
seth godin

Lesson 4: Constantly Innovate

Seth Godin, Startup School

If you haven’t tapped into Seth’s entrepreneurial genius, you’re missing out. And whilst you may follow his blog, chances are you haven’t heard this free audio course for startups and entrepreneurs. School’s in with these 15 powerful lessons - a must for any entrepreneur or startup.

Startup School
50 cent

Lesson 5: Untamed Desire To Win

50 Cent, Animal Ambition

50’s newest album is the soundtrack to your hustle. Let 50's beats constantly spin to encourage, inspire and remind you to keep on grinding.  Dropping on the 3rd of June, head to 50’s site for a sneak preview of his latest, hottest tracks. Keep an eye out for “Winner’s Circle”, “Hustler” & “Chase the Paper”.

animal ambition
kiva 6

Lesson 6: Give Back


If you’re not into charity, don’t sweat the technique… Kiva is the not-for-profit of choice for entrepreneurs.  Empower others and create opportunity with micro-loans as low as $25 to help aspiring entrepreneurs less fortunate than you to get their hustle on.  Give back like a boss. Do it today, you won’t regret it.


Meet The Creators of #50graphic

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david m hobson

David M Hobson, Entrepreneur

Passionate entrepreneur, marketer and wannabe hustler. This is Dave’s comeback to the internet marketing scene. Think Rocky 2. He’s coming back, lean, mean and ready to win. Sometimes spins ripping copy but always helping game-changers do their thing and make the world a better place.


David M Hobson
aaron fifield creative director

Aaron Fifield, One Deep Design

Brand design by day, infographics by night. Aaron’s a designer, flexing his creativity strictly for entrepreneurs, go-getters and hustlers. Repeatedly crafting bad-ass brands for his clients. Brands like no other. Brands that are loved by customers and feared by competitors.

One Deep Design

Inspire, Motivate & Empower Your Network



What's the biggest lesson you've learnt as an entrepreneur, so far?